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Karim Adduchi was born in Imzouren, Morocco, in 1988. Raised in a family of tailors he grew up between the sewing machines of his parents. While his father was searching for prosperity in Barcelona, the rest of the family stayed behind.

In 1993 Karim moved to Barcelona, to reunite with his father. For the first time he started to receive primary education, opening up a new world for him. Because he did not speake the native language, communication troubles were resolved by expressing himself through drawings. This being the start of his development in visual expression.

El Convents School, Martorell, Barcelona. First school ever Karim Adduchi attended at the age of five moving from Morocco to Spain.

After seeing his drawings, the ones he was using to talk with the surroundings, his mentor at the convent school, strongly suggested to send Karim to the fine arts Cal’Oller institution, to make him to create somekind of essential human language. As a medicament for a child without verbal language and context awareness.

Cal’Oller Art Institution where Karim Adduchi attended from 1995 till 2006.

For ten years Karim developed his techniques in Italian Renaissance painting and drawing. Intrigued by contemporary art after the Italian school, Karim continued his studies for two years at the Pompeu Fabra Academie (P.F.A), where he started to find his own way of working which he devolped further studying at the Fine Arts University in Barcelona ( UB ). While studying in Barcelona Karim increased his experience working in the Macba, Fundació Miro, and CCCB. Seeing how the people were moved by art, made him realise the intention of his own work.

In 2011 he moved to Amsterdam to pursue his education, in the fashion department, at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Searching for ways to open his visual expression. Karim was graduated in 2015 from Gerrit Rietveld. At the same time he creates from empty surfaces and fashion windows from the past to future. 


Karim Adduchi

Illustrator, painter and fashion designer Karim Adduchi was born in Imzouren, Morocco, in 1988. Parents us clothiers, he grew up between the sewing machines and threads. Moved at the age of five to Barcelona. As it was his first time ever to attend school, but unable to speak, Adduchi turned to drawing as a means of self-expression. Seeing great talent in his drawings, his tutor urged him to attend a strict and disciplined special fine arts institution to make the most out of his potential and communicate. After that he attended the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona, where Adduchi further developed his art. Drawing inspiration from both the Italian Renaissance and contemporary art, he laid the fundaments for his recognisable style of illustrating. In 2011 Adduchi moved to Amsterdam to study fashion design at the Gerrit Rietveld in which he graduated in 2015 with a striking collection called ‘She Knows Why the Caged Bird Sings’. With bulbous volumes, traditional Berber arts and crafts and smart tailoring it fittingly received international press coverage. Even though immersed in the young and creative cultural scene in Amsterdam, Adduchi kept to his own ideas and sentiments about fashion and art.

She Lives Behind the Courtyard Door – Fashion Collection

With ‘She Lives Behind the Courtyard Door’ Adduchi takes us, just like he did with his graduation collection, to a whole different world, where the rules and trends of fashion do not exist and where ancient craft and mystery merge. The story is about hidden power and beauty. A tribute to his heritage, dreams and barriers. Adduchi brings rich colours and vivid patterns, traditional rugs and deconstructed heritage and implements some much-needed detail in the function-driven, minimalistic world of today. Carpets, both fresh from the loom and antique, are draped and sculpted, combined and collaged, their heavy wool textures contrasted by the occasional shimmer of elaborate modern details. All pieces are handmade and unique; the carpets hand-loomed in Morocco, the seams hand-stitched by Adduchi. Drawing inspiration from his own heritage, reconstructing it and using this history to tell us about courtyards and the women living in them. Adduchi invites us to create our own story, handing us the material to dream and to follow him behind the courtyard door. Adduchi is a storyteller, and he uses fashion as bridge to communicate, and make us aware of the beauty that is always hidden.


Covered, is how authenticity moves forward. Strength, beauty and resistance remain untouched only when smuggled. That is the story Adduchi tells us with his latest runway show, “She lives behind the courtyard door”. He imagines a contemporary figure that is so intricate, it becomes impossible to dissociate what it inherits from the future and how it reinvents tradition. Adduchi matches inspirations to fabrics. He conceals, covers, weaves, and mixes in one single gesture. A gesture that is of the utmost sophistication. Or, of the utmost rawness. His silhouettes seem to be emerging from the scenery, suddenly appearing from the walls to seize the movement. That same contemporary movement brings bodies from the desert inside of the city’s center, intertwining contradictory influences. Thus, fabrics we thought couldn’t be weaved together are at the root of our new identities : it’s a fabric made of changeable embraces. For Adduchi, doors are borders built to dissimulate, escape, separate – though they always eventually open up. Unto what? The unknown, the past, the secret. The creatures inhabiting his realm are powerful and fragile, flexible and solemn, mysterious and extravagant. They are hybrid warriors.”


ART Works

A reserved onlooker and attentive to everything that happens around him, Karim Adduchi has an emotional need that he manages to convey throughout the different artistic techniques he develops. His drawings, pictures, photographs and sculptures have always been a means of personal evasion and escape from everyday life that often doesn’t fit with the utopian and idea of warmth around which his reality is based.

He is a young artist but he produces a surprisingly intimate work that portrays his own particular vision of the world. He deals at depth with portraits of unreal characters that reveal and portray feelings and preoccupations that are wholly tangible. Karim provides his figures with an aura of mystery and offers a veiled look into the person´s inner world. His personality is uncloaked in the reflection of the faces he draws in an intangible space-time, faces that belong in his world and are tattooed with stories on their visages, bodies and mannerisms, private stories that in fact belong to the personal stories and experiences of the artist. We see the individual set against the crowd fighting for his personal space in a calmly tense manner.

He untiringly produces his covert self portrait through the reflection of the other.

His work is a combination of sobriety and an apparent hardness to disguise the real interest in the individual and their concerns, stories and amusements. He has a way of working that is both ruthless and revealing, illustrating the confidence of his decisions. His discourse, with his simple parlance, is deeply convincing. Karim Adduchi uses a particularly austere colour palette so as to not distract from the authentic point of interest: the figure and its relationship with the background. Sometimes the figure finds itself isolated from the latter by means of a heavy red line to focus in on its rich inner world and other times the figures fuse with the enveloping background which connects them to the exterior. A unique outline can suggest a complex character and sometimes the complexity of a work can evoke a clear and fresh feeling.